Bamenda:Minister Mbayu Felix shares in the blessings of Ramadan, feast with Muslims

By Martial Gnoukapasi
Donations from minister Mbayu Felix to Muslims of Ntambag quarter

Muslims in Cameroon like elsewhere will in the days ahead celebrate the first of their two most important canonical festivals of Islam, the Eid al-Fitr otherwise known as the "fast-breaking", which comes to mark the end of the holy Islamic Ramadan month of fasting.

As tradition has seen it, the minister delegate at the ministry of external relations in charge of the Commonwealth, Mbayu Felix, a son of the soil and patron to the Ntambag community popularly known as 'Old Town' in Bamenda has donated food items to enable the Muslim community celebrate this very important feast.

The basic food items which comprises of bags of rice amongst others were Thursday April 28th shared to the muslims of this community by his personal representative Philo Happi, who passed accros the minister's message of appreciation to the Muslims for their efforts in securing a serene and peaceful atmosphere which reigns supreme in the neighborhood, wishing them a happy feast in the process.

The representative from the palace of the Sakir old town, Alhaji Baba Tanko explained that the gifts were timely as it will help the muslims perform the last worship which involves charitable acts of donating food to the less privilege, known in the Islam culture as the Zarkat.

"At the end of every fasting, a muslim removes some food items from what he/she has, in this case a quantity of rice and corn and share with others. This will help us in that worship.. " Alhaji Tanko said

For feeding Muslims ending their fasting, minister Mbayu was also sharing in the blessings of those who were involved in the ramadan fasting, as explained by the muslim cleric.

This isn't the first time the minister who identifies with this community is carrying out acts of charity therein.

He's been likened the "father Christmas" by many in the community for always bringing gifts and donating hugely during end of year feasts and other major events within the neighborhood. 


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